The master of International cooperation in urban planning (ICUP) is offered by the Urban Planning and Alpine Geography Institute (IUGA) of Grenoble Alpes University. The programme prepares students to new professional opportunities in the context of globalization and the consequent urban, economic and social evolution of cities.

The master offers a solid culture about cities and a deep knowledge of technical tools needed to manage complex urban projects. It prepares students to become urban planners capable to adapt to different context and issues like the accessibility, urban poverty, marginality, post-crisis intervention.


Students will acquire a large panel of skills needed to develop planning in international contexts:
– Knowledge and analysis of local contexts (observation, évaluation, collection of qualitative and quantitative datas)
– Strategic planning (urban and regional policies, territorial management)
– Urban planning (urban design, stake holders participation, economic management).

Pedagogic international dimension

The master of International cooperation in urban planning (ICUP) is jointly accredited with the National School of Architecture of Grenoble and officially accredited by Québec urban Planners Association. It is recognized for the obtention of urban planners qualification (delivered by the Professional Office for Planners Qualification OPQU) and officially approved by the Association of European Schools Of Planning.

All courses are in English language. Students receive 40 hours of French language courses.

This master has a French counterpart: the master of Urbanisme and coopération internationale (UCI) with which some courses are mutualized. 

International cooperation in urban planning (ICUP) is part of the EU Erasmus Mundus Master International cooperation in urban development (called Mundus Urbano) This master is jointly delivered by four universities: Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany), Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (Barcelone), Università « Tor Vergata » de Rome (Italy) et l’Université Grenoble-Alpes. Students coming from this program can follow their second year n Grenoble within the ICUP program and ICUP students benefit of Mundus Urbano network (invited professors, international workshops and internships, etc.).

Students coming from Grenoble european partners network can follow ICUP master through Erasmus program.

French students having followed the first year of UCI master have the possibility of attending one semester within Mundus Urbano master in TU Darmstadt.

Key numbers

ICUP hosts evey year between 12 and 15 students with a success rate of 95%. After diploma a large part of students finds a job in urban planning, development and international cooperation and some of them obtains a PhD contract often co-supervised with one of our partner institutions (TU Darmstadt, UIC Barcelone, Belgrade University, St-Andrew University, etc.).